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Get to Know Us Captain and Crew


Chuck has been a captain since 1983, his hobbies include weekly motorcycle rides around the island, fishing off boats or kayaks, enjoying a drink while relaxing with Macnut, his parrot, on the lanai. His passions revolve around his Harley Davidson motorcycle and all the island rides he can squeeze into his daily routine. He has ridden to Sturgis five times in 1989, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018 and hopefully in 2021. 


Rick is from Chicago and has been a captain since 2003, Rick truly enjoys working full time as a captain and our master of maintenance. His hobbies include diving and running while listening to Hip hop kids and loves eating a good gyro. He loves caffeine and you will most likely see him on the boat with a fresh cold Diet Coke in hand, he enjoys being on the ocean more than being on land. 


DeVanté is our one and only rockstar from New York. He has been crewing for us for over 7 years as well as helping with maintenance with boats and trailers. If you can’t tell from his picture his hobbies include fitness, eating right which means you won’t see him snacking on any chips or cookies but he does enjoy a good tequila to relax with as well as scuba diving. If you think he looks familiar then you might have seen him on an episode of Buying Hawaii, where it highlighted his move from the Big Apple to the Big Island. He’s passionate about the ocean and how we can change our plastic awareness now to help change the future for marine mammals. 


Dre is from a galaxy far, far away. She has been a captain since 2008 as well as our social media and marketing director. Her hobbies include hiking, camping, farming, surfing, sunsets and bbqs, hanging out with her daughter and staying mindful of our impact on the planet. She enjoys each day she gets on the water and the marine life she gets to be blessed with on each trip. She has been taking photos of marine life and continuously submits them to Cascadia Research collective to help with their citizen science photo ID log for all marine mammal species in Hawaii. 

Former crew


JC, long ago in the days of the buffalo, he grew up working as a lifeguard until he made his way to Hawaii. JC is the son of Retired Newport Beach Lifeguard Battalion Chief Jim Turner in California. He enjoys hobbies like guerilla gardening, swimming, underwater basket weaving, cross stitch, running so he can curl 12oz cans. He is the grand poobah of the loyal order of the water buffalo, and he is seriously addicted to scrapbooking. 


Steve has been a captain since 2017, when he’s not working he enjoys a quiet life with his dogs and watching Netflix. He has had a very colorful resume with working on two Jackie Chan movies while spending most of his life in SE Asia. He likes empowering others to be better for tomorrow’s future. 


Jennifer grew up with a passion for being in the water and spending her days at the beach in San Diego, California. She joined us as a crew member, also working a few days in the office until she became our office manager. She enjoys a variety of hobbies such as snorkeling, singing, hiking, all outdoor activities, cooking and making unhealthy dishes healthy. She starred in an independent short horror film called “A Bloody Good Deed”.  Her passion is for life and the connections made between people as well as all living beings. 


Amanda is from Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, after graduation she moved to Hawaii with Elliott and her cat Larrie.  Her hobbies include all ocean activities, marine life, hiking, and embroidery. She is our sustainability director and is working hard to reduce our carbon footprint with our boats, vehicles, plastic waste and setting up composting with a local public charter school.  She is passionate about the environment and reducing plastic pollution with more bar based soaps. 


Bhodi is from the Honolulu zoo and has grown up on lake boats, tubing, and grilling on his grandpa pontoon. His favorite color is rain and he enjoys a long drive with the top down of his convertible. His hobbies include daily surf sessions and diving, as well as annoying Captain Rick. He loves his mother so much that nothing on this planet can keep him from arriving on time to take her to dinner on mother’s day. He strongly believes that we all need to be aware of ocean conservation and the health and sustainability of society with their relationship to mother earth.


Will is from Florida and his family life revolves around the Gators football team. He is a graduate of The University of Florida with a degree in Philosophy.  Living so close to the water allowed him to start boating at 6 years old, which led to fishing and diving hobbies. He enjoys fishing in Florida and Hawaii but surprisingly he doesn’t like eating fish. He is a great golfer and barefoot basketball player. He enjoys backyard games, beach bbqs and relaxing in hammocks with friends.


Ziggy is a 9 year old, his mom is full golden and his dad is german shepherd black lab mix. He is a retriever that doesn’t retrieve on land. He loves people, sleeping, being adorable, long walks, car rides and all the raw fish he can eat. He loves being in the office and meeting new people to show off his tricks to while soliciting heavy petting.

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